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  21 February 2018
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Chisinau MD-2001
33 Ismail street
Phone: 0 800 500 20, For international calls: (+373 22) 500-200
Fax: (+373 22) 54-88-27
Support Card 24/24 (+373 22) 500-220
E-mail: info@ecb.md, antifrauda@ecb.md
Telex:163278 ECBMD MD
F/C: 1002600020056
VAT: 0204705


EuroCreditBank receives DEPOSITS from the legal entities in MDL, USD and EURO based on the conditions that are advantageous for the client.
The bank functions according to a flexible management system of interest rates, taking into account the size and term of placement of the respective deposit. At the same time, there is guaranteed to depositor the size of accumulated interest rates that will correspond to those attracted resources ongoing the market of banking services.
Relationship that appears between the Client and the Bank is completed by a bilateral deposit contract made up by the bank's juridical department, which guarantees and defend in its turn, interests of the parties. During the whole term of validity of the contract, conditions remain unchanged.
At the maturity, in case of concluding the contract for a new term, the Client can supplement its account with a new amount, whose limit is not established.
In case of opening demand deposits expressed in MDL, financial resources can be brought by transfer, with no limit for the maximum amount.

Deposit conditions:
• The Interest rate is floating;
• Term - 12 months;
• Currency - MDL, USD, EURO;
• Minimum sum of the deposit - 50 000 lei, 5 000 USD, 5 000 Euro;
• The interest is calculated daily and is paid monthly into the current account. Payment of interest is carried out in the first working day of next month;
• The replenishment of the deposit is made by transfer, the minimum sum - 10 000 MDL, 1 000 USD, 1 000 Euro (exception the last 6 months);
• In the event of an early termination of the Deposit contract by the Depositor, the interest will not be paid. Therefore, the Bank shall retain the interest for the deposit, for the entire period following the day the deposit was made, up until the day prior to the refund of the deposited amount, while the extent of the Depositor's debt being withheld from the amount of the placed deposit.

More information regarding the modifications of the deposits interest rate are displayed to the Clients on Bank`s  information Clients desck and through the official bank's WEB page: www.eurocreditbank.md .


Deposits calculator

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(EN)Dispozitia de plata predata Bancii prin sistema ECB-Online va costa de 2 ori mai putin.


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