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  21 February 2018
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Phone: 0 800 500 20, For international calls: (+373 22) 500-200
Fax: (+373 22) 54-88-27
Support Card 24/24 (+373 22) 500-220
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Bank cards


Visa Business / MasterCard Business can be used by employees of the enterprise for carrying out settlements on behalf of the company, in theRepublicofMoldovaand abroad.
Payments for the goods or services or removal of cash in cash dispensers, will be made thus from the card account of your enterprise opened in BC "EuroCreditBank"S.A.
By means of cards Visa Business / MasterCard Business, employees of your company can take advantage of such services, as:
- removal of cash in cash dispensers and POS-terminals in commercial banks' divisions;
- payment for the goods and services without restrictions;
- remote reservation/booking of hotel, air tickets, rent of transport and many other things;
- operative access of the authorized persons who are on business trip to the money resources of the company;
- absolute safety and access to company' resources 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, all transactions being authorized only on the basis of an identification personal code (PIN).


  • removal of cash from cash dispensers of any bank within the Republic of Moldova territory - according Bank's commisions;
  • in case of card theft, call immediately the number 500-148 within operational day, or number 500-220 during other time, and inform us on the event, for blocking your account so that nobody else would have access to money resources on your account;
  • card Visa Business / MasterCard Business can be opened in three currencies: MDL, USD, EUR. In case of a lack of money resources on one of accounts, is debited the account in preference order, and the converting course is established according to the commercial course on cards at date of operation, without collection of other commissions;
  • possibility of replenishment the card account, visualizations of the rest and the extracts from the account, prolongations of the card by means of system of remote service "Telebank".

The SALARY PROJECT consists of issue of cards Cirrus/Maestro / Visa Electron to each employee of the company, cards MasterCard Standard / Visa Classic for companies' management and transfer of wages to workers into the card account.

Advantages for companies:

  • This service allows to cut down the expenses like cashiers' salaries, maintenance of the cash offices, eliminates time losses necessary for receiving of salaries, gives the possibility to transfer the wages and other similar payments to the employees who are outside of the country, payment process becomes more confidential;
  • Process of salaries' transfer will become more comfortable and prompt. To these accounts can be transferred not only salaries, but also premiums, material assistant, travel allowances etc. Besides this employees will be able to benefit from a consumer loan in Overdraft form. Employees will be able to cash their salaries in all 24 hours per day after these funds are transferred;
  • Bank covers all expenses concerning transfer of salaries and operations made by the cards during the financial period. Each month bank offers to the employees statements that reflect all transactions made by the cards;
  • For clients (if the company has opened the current bank account) the Bank offers connection to on-line system "Bank-Client" which will allow the company to transfer wages directly from the office: the special salary account is connected to system "Bank-client" that allows to fill up it on-necessity.

Advantages for the employees:

  • bankcard is the most safety instrument of payment 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week without depending from the location. Also this card allows you to pay for goods and services, to withdraw money at ATMs and bank branches in RM and abroad;
  • the card can be opened in 3 currencies - USD, EUR, MDL - that allows You to avoid unnecessary   converting: if the account currency corresponds to operation currency - the operation sum is debited from the corresponding account without converting. Also purchases can be carried out from the general accessible sum of all three currencies (totally);
  • with card MasterCard / Visa the necessity for converting cash into currency or purchase of "exotic" currencies for traveling and living expenses disappears (conversion occurs automatically at a commercial course of bank cards);
  • the Card is protected by a PIN-code, and in case of emergency, loss/theft, can be immediately blocked - service is accessible twenty-four hours a day, without days off that will protect you from possible troubles;
  • it can be issued supplementary cards for any member of your family;
  • at the removal of cash from cash dispensers of any bank within the Republic of Moldova territory, BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A. returns the fees, withheld at transactions during 3 working days, thus removal of own means in Republic of Moldova territory - is free;
  • at the employees' request Overdraft credits can be offered at a rate till half of their average wage;
  • the Employees of the enterprises receiving wages on cards BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A., have the possibility to take advantage of the short-term credit at the rate of half of average wages;
  • in addition, for a plus of security and maximum commodity, MasterCard Virtual / Visa Virtuon cards are offered to each employee on favorable terms.

Card Support 24/24 h - tel. 022 500-220

Telebank Call Center - 0800 500 20  


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Contactindu-ne la tel. 500-200 Dvs aveti posibilitate de a primi atit orice informatie despre banca, cit si orice informatie despre contul Dvs deschis la banca.


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