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  24 April 2018
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Loans calculator

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Deposits calculator

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“SMART” Credit card


                                                 Card de credit Smart


Do you dream of vacation on an island or just want to deal with unplanned expenses?

Smart credit card will make your dreams come true with no delay in sight!



 What are the conditions of the "Smart" credit card?

Type of card: MasterCard Standard EMV

Credit value: up to 30 000 MDL. The maximum value cannot exceed 5 net wages (an average net salary for the last 6 months) of the Debtor.

Credit currency - MDL


Crediting period - up to 48 months with the possibility to extend every 36 months on new crediting terms, with the existing ones within the Bank by the time of the extension; up until the debtor will be of retirement age (the date of reimbursing the credit).


Grace period -  Up to 50 claendar days for any carried out transaction. 

The grace period starts from the moment of registering the carried out transaction and ends on the 20th of the month following the one in which the transaction was carried out.


The beneficiary of the loan can be any citizen of the Republic of Moldova that has:

  • Permanent residence in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Age between 18 and retirement age (retirement age represents the maximum age limit to repay the loan);
  • Usually, possessing real estate, for requests which exceed 10 000 MDL.
  • A permanent and stable income, sufficient to cover the expected monthly credit refunds, with a stable workplace of at least 6 months.


 Necessary documents:

  1. Application - questionnaire for granting the credit (presented by the applicant);
  2. Identification card (original + copy);
  3. Salary certificate on the net income for the last 3 months;
  4. Work book copy (new + old) stamped by the authorized person ;
  5. Other documents requested by the Bank (if needed).



Loans calculator

List of documents to present with the application to request a loan by individuals

Salary certificate

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