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  20 March 2018
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Virtual Card - Mastercard Virtual, Visa Virtuon



If your credo is TO BE THE FIRST, than you are interested:

To be the first buyer of the newest model of the camera or other technical equipment

To get the new software for the computer

To read just published book or the textbook

To buy the ticket for the plane or in theatre not leaving the house


It is not necessary to go and choose somewhere the object you want, all You need is:

Access to Internet and a special virtual card - Visa Virtuon / Mastercard Virtual from JSCB EuroCreditBank!



You will have the possibility to make transactions within Republic of Moldova territory and abroad staying at home. Using MasterCard Virtual of MasterCard system / Visa Virtuon of Visa International sistem - will considerably reduce risk of roguish transactions at payment for the goods and services in global network Internet.


A low cost of this card allows saving money and utilizing the card regardless of your incomes. In order to purchase the goods and services you want you don't have to spend large amounts of money for the card and for blocking the assurance deposit.   


What is the virtual card?

Is a card of payment system Visa International / MasterCard Worldwide which can be used all over the world. This card is specially developed for purchase of the goods and services in network Internet and other virtual spheres.


Advantages of the card:

- Way to be the first buyer and to get "newest"

- Way to protect the basic card from roguish operations Internet

- The reasonable price

- Low insurance deposit


What is the difference of a virtual card from a classical?

"Narrow specialization" 

There is only one way of its use: to pay the purchase. It is impossible to receive cash on it and to pay off in real shops


How to use a virtual card?

You enter in Internet from any computer and find of what dreamed

Come into Internet-shop and simply follow the instructions

Expect a treasured parcel!


Who can become the owner of a virtual card?

Any private person having the identification card or the passport

And certainly it is necessary to have the sum for payment of release of a card.


How to receive a card of our bank?

- Come to the bank, and to address to the manager:

1. To familiarize with Instructions for use

2. To fill in the Application

3. To sign the Contract

4. and to receive the VIRTUAL CARD

Did You know ...

You can beneficiate from all information concerning directly your account by means of the electronic mail, ECB-eMail.


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