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  24 April 2018
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Chisinau MD-2001
33 Ismail street
Phone: 0 800 500 20, For international calls: (+373 22) 500-200
Fax: (+373 22) 54-88-27
Support Card 24/24 (+373 22) 500-220
E-mail: info@ecb.md, antifrauda@ecb.md
Telex:163278 ECBMD MD
F/C: 1002600020056
VAT: 0204705

Bank cards

BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A.issues VISA International system's bank cards for its clients: Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold and MasterCard International system's cards: MasterCard Standard, Cirrus/Maestro, MasterCard Gold in local currency as well as in foreign currency. 

Visa Electron, Cirrus/Maestro- most accessible cards, characterized by a minimum servicing cost. A Cirrus/Maestro Cards' particularity is they can be used only in electronically machines (cash dispensers and POS-terminals). A Visa Electron Cards' particularity is they can be used in electronically machines (cash dispensers and POS-terminals) and at transactions through Internet (in case CVC2 code is requested). These transactions are assured with a PIN - code, which has to be compulsory introduced by card's holder.   

Visa Classic,MasterCard Standard Cardis the most popular card, which presets an optimal relation between costs and services, safety and convenience. This card offers some advantages, among them - possibility of booking hotel rooms, air tickets, carrying out transactions by phone, post office, Internet (in case CVC2 code is requested). Also, this card is accepted in many more places.   

Visa Gold Card, MasterCard Gold- is an international card for VIP clients, which is issued on special terms. This card offers supplementary advantages. Supplementary advantages are: urgent card's change and cash payment in case of card's loss or theft.  

Advantages of the bank cards emitted by BC "EuroCreditBank" SA:

· Card's national and international utilization;

· Access to bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week;

· Delivery of a monthly account's extract - free of charge;

· Simple and convenient to use, offers reliability and excludes the risks connected with use of cash;

· Support of cards trough the network of cash dispenses and POS-terminals;

· Payment with debit cards of the goods and/or services in any shop without any charge.


What is a multiple currency card?

BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A.is one of the first banks which can offer such a service as Multiple Currency Card.

The multiple currency cards - represents the access to several accounts in different currencies by means of a card.

For example, you have opened a card in 3 currencies (MDL, Euro and USD). If you made an operation in Moldavian lei, the account in MDL will be debited, if in Euro - the account in Euro, if in USD - the account in USD.

One more advantage of a multiple currency card is that you can take advantage of total sum of money resources in all three currencies. The money exchange will be made at the commercial cards' course in the day operations were carried out.

Some advices about use of bank cards:

• Do not allow anyone else using your card

• Do not follow advices and do not use the help of other persons when using a card. Performances of these rules are very important when using cards in cash dispenses.

• In the moment of operation fulfillment in a cash dispense do not allow other persons (including your friends and/or relatives) to come nearer to you, on a distance which gives them the possibility to see the keyboard of the cash dispense and your actions.

• Never trust a Pin-code to other person, store a Pin-code separately about your cards.

• Do not write Pin-code on plastic

• Attention! Transactions in the commercial point, carried out at your presence are safer.

What should be done in case of loss/theft of bank card?

In case of loss/theft of your bank card you should immediately block you account. You should notify in written form the bank or any agency of the bank that your card was lost or it was stolen. In case it is impossible to notify in written form (the card's holder is not in the country, this happened in holidays or breaks) you can use any other possible way: fax, mail, phone etc.

The phone number you can call in case of the situations mentioned above (loss/theft of a card and/or a PIN-code) is(37322) 500 220which is also specified on the back of a card.


If you phone about an event, do not forget to specify in details to the operator the necessary information for blocking your card (surname, name, and word-password, the circumstances in which it has been stolen/lost and other necessary information).

After that, compulsory you should approach the bank and write the application on card blocking.

Where and how it is possible to receive BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A. bank card?

Having addressed in the central office or in any branch of bank, you will familiarize with the Contract on service of bank cards, with Instructions for use, Tariffs of the bank and fill the statement on card issue.


Card Support 24/24 h - tel. 022 500-220

Telebank Call Center - 0800 500 20  

user manual for multiple currency bank cards

POS terminal/Bancomat address

Rules for using the bank cards

Request for account opening card

Request for servicing of accounts and issuing cards

Branches and Agencies BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A.

FAQ on the use of bank card case


Did You know ...

Contactindu-ne la tel. 500-200 Dvs aveti posibilitate de a primi atit orice informatie despre banca, cit si orice informatie despre contul Dvs deschis la banca.


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